Management Team

Timur Yarnall, Co-Founder/CEO

As Executive Chairman, Co-Founder and driving force behind Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), Timur Yarnall has been at the helm since initial start-up in early 2003. BIM itself was born amidst the hustle... Read More »

Pat Liegel, Chief Operating Officer

As COO of Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), Pat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. ... Read More »

Derek Gebler, President, Publisher Tools

After two years of contract consulting for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), Derek officially joined the company in 2005. As Senior Vice President of Technology, he works with the Product VPs, Directors... Read More »

Mick Rinehart, President, Data Services

Mick Rinehart officially became the Senior Vice President of Products and Data Services for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) in February 2011, one year after the acquisition of TitanTV Media. Mick's main... Read More »

Karen Zimny, SVP Finance/HR

Karen Zimny serves as Senior Vice President of Finance/HR for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), where she has been working since June of 2006 to organize and integrate BIM’s five national offices. Karen... Read More »

Heidi Steffen, VP of Licensed Application Sales

Heidi Steffen is the Senior Vice President of Licensed Application Sales at BIM, leading her team selling Broadcast and Publisher Tools to television stations throughout the country. She enjoys her role... Read More »

Mike Schuch Jr., VP Local Sales

Mike Schuch Jr., officially became Vice President of Local Sales for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) in November 2010. Prior to joining BIM, Mike was Vice President at TAP Media, Inc., a leading provider... Read More »