Management Team

(BI) Josh Whelan

Mick Rinehart, President, Data Services

Mick Rinehart officially became the Senior Vice President of Products and Data Services for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) in February 2011, one year after the acquisition of TitanTV Media. Mick's main role at BIM is to define and guide the execution of key product lines. He establishes effective communication channels among product teams, ensuring the most efficient work flow possible. Mick actively prospects new business opportunities and leverages BIM’s technology underpinnings to create new partnerships and license revenues.

Mick is responsible for Geneva Core technology, MediaStar Suite and TitanTV product development teams. He has been influential at instituting BIM's current Product Development Lifecycle methodology to produce products of known quality and reliability. Mick's detail-orientated approach to addressing market needs and product opportunities has positioned BIM development teams as leaders within the industry.

Mick, who was formerly the VP of Product Development for TitanTV Media, brings over twenty years of high-tech engineering experience to BIM. During his tenure with TitanTV, Mick oversaw the development of principal products, which garnered high profitability and recognition on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. His success is marked by his disciplined leadership that guided TitanTV's transition from desktop client software to focusing on web-centric Software-as-a-Service solutions.

Prior to his roles at BIM and TitanTV Media, Mick was the International Business Director of CE Software, Inc. Mick also holds a BSEET from DeVry Institute of Technology.