News Updates

The Video Viewability Debate

Broadcast Interactive recommends the following MediaPost article, that discusses the effectiveness of online video ads. MdotLab’s AdSecure™ Platform is available at a discount for BIMLocal clients who want to review stats beyond basic viewability. Read More »

Broadcast Interactive Media's BIMvid Live Enables Local Stations to Stream Major Live Events

Live streaming of Seattle's Super Bowl parade pulls 200,000 viewers. Read More »

Broadcast Interactive Media and Shobot Enable Immediate Recording to DVR from Online Listings

BIM today announced a partnership with Shobot, a free service that allows TV viewers to record TV individual shows or even entire series to their DVR, regardless of who provides their DVR service. Read More »

Executive Q&A - Timur Yarnall, CEO of BIM and MdotLabs - Rooting out fakes in the online world

BIM helps broadcast companies develop websites and sell advertising; Mdot helps them scout fake advertising activity. Yarnall has estimated that fraud could amount to $10 billion a year, worldwide. Read More »

Broadcast Interactive Media Helps Viewers Find Free HDTV for Simple.TV's New Over-The-Air DVR

BIM today announced it will utilize its TitanTV signal prediction and data services technologies to support Simple.TV’s new personal DVR. The added support will provide consumers with a list of TV stations available over-the-air at their specific household address. Read More »

BIM spinout MdotLabs Lands First Round Funding

MdotLabs (, a SaaS security platform company launched to help advertisers avoid being victimized by invalid traffic, today announced it has closed a first round of venture funding of $1.25 million led by Chicago Ventures and NYC-based Great Oaks Venture Capital. Read More »

Get Money: How to Scam Big Brand Ad Budgets

Despite what agencies and vendors might claim, the Internet remains something of a Wild West when it comes to advertising. There are still plenty of nefarious actors out... Read More »

MdotLabs Follow-on Study of Phony Traffic on Pay-Per-View Networks Shows Major Brands Are Victimized

MdotLabs, launched last month to help advertisers avoid being victimized by invalid traffic, today released the results of a follow on study to its "Impression Fraud in On-line Advertising via Pay-Per-View Networks" that shows major brands well-known to most Americans are paying heavily for ad impressions that are never seen by human eyes. Read More »