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Alexis Banks

Captain's Blog: Not Something All Video CMS Providers Can Say

Generate Revenue from the Very First Video Stream Delivered

With the literal explosion in all facets of mobile video — the number of device types to take into account, the number of video delivery platforms for publishers to choose from, and the emergence of new monetization models — it's never been easier for a publisher to become unintentionally locked into a system that leads to a missed revenue opportunity.

Today's video publishers need an open system capable of delivering video and integrating with virtually any 3rd party platform, as well as a video CMS that comes immediately integrated with a monetization platform. Unfortunately, the complexity involved in integrating video ad networks has left many publishers stuck on video platforms that lag behind the technology curve.

Tablets, smartphones, Flash vs HTML5, iOS, Android, MRAID vs VPAID, OTT devices like Roku and Boxee -- after the incredible pace of change over the past 12 months, who knows which factor or platform will be most important 12 months from now? Having the ability to publish HQ video to any existing device and the flexibility to integrate with emerging platforms is a critical factor for success and survival in today's market.

These are exactly the types of publisher needs we focus on addressing with our BIMvid solution. Any client launching on BIMvid is guaranteed to generate revenue from their very first video stream delivered, no matter the platform or format. The BIMLocal network (ranked in the top 2 in ComScore News & Information) serves just that function for the BIMvid platform and keeps our developers on the ball when it comes to new monetization requirements. This includes requirements for mobile, online, in-exchange, in-app, and live streaming applications.

I was recently impressed as I read about current BIMvid client, Fisher Communications, and how they are utilizing their existing system videos in a new platform for connected TV apps. (You can read the full release here: This perfectly illustrates the extreme levels of agility and adaptability publishers require if they expect to continually be able to adjust with the shifting technology terrain.

Though unlocking the full value to video content may seem like a guessing game to some, with an ad sales team to act as an internal customer driving our product innovation, BIMvid remains in a position to help our clients evolve with this industry, which is something not all video cms providers can say.