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Captain's Blog: Mobile is native to every BIM product

While it's obvious that technological evolution continues to accelerate in virtually every area of local interactive, it's also obvious that mobile is likely the single strongest area of revenue growth and product evolution for the next several years. Mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, even some forms of OTT devices) are exploding in terms of usage. This is good news for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) and for our clients as mobile (in all of its various facets and aspects) is native to and a key part of every product line and product roadmap decision that we make here at BIM.

As you review BIM's product lines as a prospective partner or customer, it's important to note that mobile is prominently featured or core to the product in every case.

BIM CMS (mobile web): our content management system features BIM's sMobile templates as a native part of the feature set offered to our publishing clients. Since we can auto-detect what type of device a user is viewing your site from (desktop browser, smart phone, tablet device, etc…), BIM can serve up the correct version of your site to the appropriate user. This includes all forms of text, images, video, and mobile ads for revenue generation. See notes below for more specifics on video and ads.

BIMVid (video CMS for mobile video): our video content management system automatically includes the ability to serve up video to various mobile devices based on our ability to transcode to any video format. So you're covered for video delivery to iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, and other mobile/tablet devices. And because BIM has been the first local-media focused network to pioneer delivery of high quality video in 1080p, you can even deliver your content to OTT devices with no problems.

MediaStar Suite (scheduling and data for mobile DTV channels): BIM's MediaStar Suite of program management tools are designed to handle schedule updates for both traditional broadcast lineups and mobile DTV channels. The mobile DTV channel information is then seamlessly published and transmitted within the ESG spectrum, allowing for convenient, streamlined schedule administration. Schedule updates can also be simultaneously published to a station’s TitanTV Mobile Guide, available on their mobile-optimized site or on most local news application platforms. (see next bullet below).

TitanTV Mobile Guide (mobile EPG): our web-based, electronic program guides (EPG) include a mobile format so users can see what's airing on your live channels, no matter which type of device they are checking from. As our partnership with ThinkOptics/Remotec and the iWavit TVAid app shows, BIM can deliver extremely accurate TV listings in any format, including a configuration capable of powering iPhone or Android apps.

BIMLocal Digital Network (mobile revenue and ad campaigns): currently ranked #3 on comScore News and Information with steady growth in mobile users and impressions, BIMLocal can help monetize mobile impressions for all of our publisher clients. We can also deliver targeted and effective campaigns for agency partners seeking to reach mobile users for client campaigns.

Chances are, whatever you're looking to do on the mobile front is already baked-in to an existing BIM product. Connect with a BIM sales manager or your existing point of contact at BIM and let us know what you need. We’ll be happy to set you up with demos, examples, testimonials or success stories.

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